Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From Within "Take AEM" Review

It's our featured band of the month, From Within! This young group of guys are based out of Orlando, FL, already sharing the stage with In Flames, Trivium, Eye Empire, Kyng, and many more. Their style wanes between metalcore and almost an old school thrash, but they make it all their own. And for a band that is so young, that's saying a lot. Even if you don't like metalcore or the screaming that comes along with thrash metal, take a listen to these guys and you won't be able to ignore the massive musical talent. Here's our first review of one of their newest songs "Take AEM."

From Within is:
Vocals-Danny Vega
Guitar-Josh Demmer
Guitar-Colby Berger
Drums-Alex Berger
Bass-Jonathan Davis

It really is surprising to me the technical ability of a lot of young musicians out there today. Maybe it's the overload of online tutorials and other learning tools, but these kids are really something. That's the first impression I had when hearing From Within's newest release "Take AEM." Each and every member has their strong points and SO much potential.

"Take AEM" starts out with a killer riff that is the heart and soul of the song. It has one of those rhythms that you catch yourself humming out loud as you carry on throughout the day. The song quickly develops into somewhat of an anthem as it picks up the pace and turns into that metalcore feel. Danny Vega's strong vocals pierce the veil of the normalcy throughout the song with solid screams and no scratches or bumps which is typical for younger metalcore bands.

There's a lamenting breakdown verse in the middle of the song that fits perfectly with the flow of the rest of the song. They use the breakdown to actually pick up the pace of the song soon after and the way i its all composed is pretty impressive. Soon after comes a the prototypical metalcore solo, but I really like how they didn't try to do too much with it. It's clean. It's smooth. It fits.

Overall, the song is absolutely impressive. For such a young band, their writing, technical and pure playing ability is killer and this is definitely a song and band to check out. From Within ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first!