Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Fur Elise

In a world of uptight, overbearing assholes who gloat about themselves and everything they do including every meaningless breath they take, it’s so refreshing to come across a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Now when I saw they don’t take themselves seriously, it doesn’t mean they don’t take their music seriously, because they don’t have to. This band’s music is so stellar and eclectic that it needs no ego to boost its self confidence. It simply resonates layers of musical bliss and karate chops your eardrum, but you always come back asking for more. The band is Fur Elise out of Savannah, Georgia and if you’re down with good music and a good time, this is the band for you.

Aaron Manogue: Describe your music to me as if I’m someone who has never seen or heard you perform before
Fur Elise: Honest, pure, romantic, dark, passionate, fun, energetic, happy, sad, good, evil, sexy, and chaotic.

Manogue: Is there a message you’re trying to portray with your music?
Fur Elise: Honestly, our purest message is, when having a romantic evening, you want a dark room, but be passionate, be fun. The more energetic you are, the happier you can be. Don’t be sad, be good! There is no room for evil in this world, unless it’s sexy and chaotic.

Manogue: Who are some of the national bands you’ve shared the stage with?
Fur Elise: Sent by Ravens, Adelita's Way, Art of Dying, Superbob, The Chariot, Seventh Day Slumber, Chasen, Story Side B, Bile, Cusses, etc.

Manogue: Who would you say your influences are? Are these influences evident in any of your albums/songs?
Fur Elise: We try to keep our influences concealed in our music. However, to name a few, we really enjoy groups like Paramore, Chevelle, Blindside, Chiodos, Glassjaw, Deftones, Ours, Beethoven, Bon Jovi, At the Drive In, Thrice, and last but not least, Sarah McLachlan in those sexy little starving animal commercials.

Manogue: With thousands of local bands out there, what sets you apart from the others?
Fur Elise: How about skill, talent, good looks? No really, we just love what we do. No need for any competition. But, we do have an awesome girl drummer. Boo yah!

Manogue: It’s the zombie apocalypse and you only get one weapon to protect yourself. What would it be?
Michelle Anthony: My broken cymbals.
David Tingler: A box of old records and a sword.
John Christopher: Michelle Anthony.

Manogue: Why did you guys choose to play metal?
Fur Elise: Well, I guess metal chose us. We were approached by Lucifer at a garage sale. He was all like “nuhhhuhhhh,” and we’re all like “Yeah, whatever!”

Manogue: In your eyes, what’s the biggest challenge about breaking into the music scene?
Fur Elise: Problem number one. Savannah “Fucking”, GA. We live in the most musically retarded place in the world. So keeping alive in that stigma has proven to be the most difficult. However with our newfound management, we are in the process of scaling these oppressive walls.

Manogue: Anything you’d like to say to your fans or your haters?
Fur Elise: To all of our fans. Holy shit! We know, right? Wow. To all of our enemies, love ya

Fur Elise is John "The Medicine Man" Christoper (Vocals, Guitar), Dave "I'm Too Sexy" Tingler (Bass) and Michelle "Shelby" Anthony (Drums). Check out their music and social media below!
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